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Sydney’s Top Mental Health Recruitment Agency for Nurses

Are you a registered mental health nurse looking for exciting job opportunities in Sydney and across rural regions of NSW and the eastern states? Medicall Placements match up high calibre nurses with experience in mental health services with hospitals and clinics in Sydney and beyond. Get in touch with us today on +61 2 9412 4900 to learn more about our services, and how we can help find the next step for you.


What does a mental health nurse do?

A Mental Health Nurse (MHN) provides quality care for patients suffering from mental illness, mental health problems, dysfunctions or mental disorders. Form providing care to people feeling overwhelmed by stress, to caring for patients suffering from schizophrenia – a mental health nurse cares for a wide range of patients with a wide range of needs. It is a rewarding but challenging profession requiring great judgement, people skills, and patience.

As a Mental Health Nurse, you can find yourself working in hospitals, mental health units, clinics, care homes, and other places where mental health is addressed and treated. Facilities across Sydney and rural areas across NSW constantly require mental health nurses, and we can help find you a placement you’ll find rewarding. Medicall Placements find high calibre mental health nurses for jobs across NSW, and can help you too, if you hold the necessary qualifications.


Sydney’s trusted nursing recruitment agency

Medicall Placements not only find the ideal placements for mental health nurses, but also help intensive and critical care nurses, midwives and more find ideal placements across North Sydney, Sydney, and rural NSW. If you have speciality in any of the beforementioned fields, feel free to lodge an application to join the ranks of Sydney’s premier mental health recruitment agency.

Are you an employer in need of mental health nurses? Contact us today.


Reach out to us today to discuss your future

Are you a specialised mental health nurse looking for new and rewarding employment opportunities? Then Medicall Placements invites you to lodge an application to join our agency, or get in touch with us by calling +61 2 9412 4900 or by sending us an email on contact@medicallplacement.com.

Application for Short Course Sponsorship

MediCall staff may also apply for assistance with education enrolment fees payable for any relevant short course.
To find out if you qualify please fill out the Application below.

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Medicall Placements

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